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Entaku no Kishi AU

An AU based on the fictional world Raimon enters in Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stone.

Plot - A bit after Arthur settles in as King of England and has children. Not based on any particular Arthurian story, aside from what was given in CS.

All is well in England, as peace has settled on the land. However, in an effort to not be careless, the Court has opened up an annual tournament to allow in new members to the Knights of the Round Table. Tenma Matsukaze and Fey Rune are two such participants.

Tenma Matsukaze - An village boy who dreams of becoming a strong knight after he was saved by one when he was small. He for Asray Rune to protect his son Fey Rune while Fey gathers ingredients for potions and medicine. When he is thirteen, he becomes eligible to join the new Knights of the Round Table tournament and sets off with Fey to achieve their dreams.

Tenma is in fact a bastard son of King Arthur, but only three souls know this truth.

Fey Rune - Son of Asray Rune, a famous apothecary who set up shop in Tenma's village. Though Asray attempts to shelter him, Fey has secret training with Tenma while they gather material for Asray's potions. He turns thirteen around the same time as Tenma, thus is also eligible to enter the tournament.

Fey seems to display some reptilian magic.

Takuto Shindou - The head gamemaker of the Knights of the Round Table. His intelligence and leadership make him the undisputed captain on the battlefield. However, not all is well. As a member of the aristocracy, there is pressure from his own home front to push Arthur into passing laws that would favor the upper class. As result, He does not trust outsiders, especially the new recruits from tournaments.

He is on the verge of quitting the Knights when Tenma and Fey enters. Tenma is able to convince him to stay and reminds him of the reason he became a knight. From that point on, Shindou begins to suspect there is a deeper connection between Tenma and King Arthur.

Kyousuke Tsurugi - Lancelot's disciple. Known as the Black Knight, he spends his spare time in gloomy corners of the castle, as well as the infirmary where his brother Yuuichi stays. While there are rumors flying around that he is practicing black magic, hence the nickname, he is in fact searching for a way to cure Yuuichi's legs. His pride however prevents him from seeking help, even from his master Lancelot.

Ranmaru Kirino - Head of the main castle defense. He and Shindou are childhood friends who entered the knights at the same tie. However, as Shindou is able to rise much higher than he can reach, as well as garner much more respect around the people and the court, some jealousy and resentment has festered. Despite those dark feelings, Kirino supports Shindou and keeps morale high.

Shinsuke Nishizono - A young warrior who easily passed through an special test. His speed and reaction leaves the castle well protected. Shinsuke is also a rabbit whisperer, and has a network of rabbit intel across all of England. With this, he is able to learn of suspicious movements, and is able to prepare for attacks well before any enemy arrives.

Taichi Sangoku - A young man who previously held Shinsuke's rank. He was forced to retire from the knights when his leg became injured in battle. Refusing to go down so quickly, Sangoku remains as a mentor to the knights, as well as a moral booster with his excellent cooking skills.

Daichi Amagi - One of the main Calvary units in the Knights of the Round Table. He has some solid defense maneuvers. Although he is still spry and healthy, he is looking for someone to mentor.

Amagi seems to worry about an old friend of his...

Gouichi Kurumada - The other main Calvary unit. Kurumada's defense is also based on power and speed, as he is able to literally bowl through opponent's defenses. He is also looking for someone to mentor, but is more patient about it than Amagi.

Norihito Kurama - A former fisherman, he was offered to join the knights by King Arthur himself, when he, Hamano, and Hayami proved their loyalty and bravery to the country during a surprise attack. Kurama is the only one who accepted, and strives to protect the country and her ideals. Kurama seems to like snakes when others revile them.

Kaiji Hamano - A fisherman. Although King Arthur himself offered him a place in the knights, Hamano declined as he was too easy going for such a rank. However, he swore he would rush to Arthur's side during his time of need.

Tsurumasa Hayami - A fisherman, and Hamano's best friend. He was also offered a place in the knights, but also declined as he felt he would not be brave enough to endure the knights' daily trials. Like Hamano, he also swore to rush to Arthur's side during his time of need.

Masaki Kariya - A knight in castle defense. Although he acted as if he were a spy for an enemy country, he was really just messing with the head of the castle defense. Due to the loyalty in his heart, Arthur only inflicted minor disciplinary measures and made him Kirino's subordinate.

Kariya has some connections to some former cult members...

Hikaru Kageyama - The nephew of one of Arthur's nemesi. His uncle ultimately redeemed himself when Hikaru was young by sacrificing himself to save Arthur's life in battle. His sacrifice also turned the tide in the King's favor. There are some in the court who do not trust Hikaru, but Arthur and the Knights know Hikaru is incapable of the malice his uncle inflicted on the country.

Ryouma Nishiki - A foreigner who was found passed out in the road. He was taken in boy a dragon whisperer who delegates between Arthur's court and the dragons, Ryuugo Someoka. While Someoka did wish to train Nishiki to be his successor, Nishiki's inability to speak or understand the dragon tongue makes him ineligible. Instead, Someoka recommended him to the knights, and he easily gained the knights and court's favor with his skills and energy. There is still much for Nishiki to learn about the culture, however.

Hakuryuu - A strategist, and Taiyou's adoptive brother. From birth, Hakuryuu had been blessed by a sky dragon and carries the gift of wind magic. He sees Tsurugi as a rival. He and Taiyou do not get along at times and bicker constantly, requiring both to separate and blow off some steam. When he was young, he fell in a river, but was saved by a fairy. To this day, he continues to visit that fairy's lake whenever he needs some time away from his half-brother.

Taiyou - Also a strategist, and Hakuryuu's adoptive brother. Taiyou was also blessed by a sky dragon, but has the gift of sun magic. Taiyou is prone to sickness, and is often in the infirmary to recover. He is good friends with Yuuichi Tsurugi, and is one of the few who knows what Kyousuke Tsurugi's goals are from the start. However, he and Kyousuke do not get along for some reason.

Torb - A boy whose parents abandoned him in the forest. Luckily, he was raised by an ancient dragon. He was eventually scouted and entered the knights due to his pure heart and animalistic abilities.

Shuu - A fairy who is bound to a lake known for its purity and connection to the gods. He is the one who saved Hakuryuu when Hakuryuu fell in a river, which happened to connect to his lake. Though he cannot stray a certain distance from his lake, Shuu was able to use his magic through the river to guide Hakuryuu safely to him.

Upon meeting and spending time with Tenma, Shuu realizes Tenma is Arthur's bastard son, but keeps this information to himself. He is one of the three who knows this fact.

Kinako Nanobana - Asray Rune's wife and Fey's mother. Kinako is part dragon, and has a much decelerated growth rate, resulting in her ever youthful appearance. Because of this, Kinako and Asray decided to separate her and Fey when it became apparent Fey's growth rate was that of a human's. When Fey expresses a strong desire to become a knight, Asray grows worried for him and contacts Kinako to help watch over him where he cant. Kinako then goes to Arthur and enters the Knights of the Round Table so she can watch over and mentor Fey.

Kinako is one of Master Dragon's priestesses. She knows much of what Master Dragon knows, and is thus one of the three who knows the true extent of Tenma and Arthur's relationship.

Merola - Arthur's daughter, also known as Aoi (for some unknown reason). While not a member of the Round Table, she is a major supporter of the knights. She does her best to keep the corrupted influence of the court from entering the knights.

She and Tenma have an instant bond, as they are unknowingly half siblings.

Midori Seto - A carriage driver for the royal family. She's also excellent at racing and navigating difficult terrain. She is easily passionate over things, and often gets into squabbles with Nishiki.

Akane Yamana - A fairy who is chosen by Vivian to be her successor. Unlike Shuu, she is not bound to a specific lake, but will eventually be tied to the lake that leads to Avalon. Akane has a crush on Shindou and uses every opportunity to travel through bodies of water to observe him.